The Back and Neck Relief Centre of Mackay

Chronic Degenerative Spine Pain

Degeneration of the spine is NOT an normal process that humans undergo due to the ageing process. Rather, degeneration of the spine is caused by factors such as injury, poor posture, repetitive stress, accidents, and general wear and tear to our spine. It's true that many people suffer from a degenerative spine later in life, but the signs of degeneration are appearing in people as young as teenagers. It's a silent issue because we can't see or feel our spine deteriorating, much like we can't see or feel when our arteries become clogged with cholesterol. But, there are signs that our bodies give us that are harmony is disrupted - reduced range of motion, stiffness upon waking from sleep, nagging pains that do not go away after a few weeks, numbness in our extremities. Often we will dismiss these symptoms, or worse, mask these symptoms with over the counter drug medication, all the while the condition worsens over years and decades. Luckily, Chiropractors are well trained in alleviating the symptoms and slowing the deterioration caused by degeneration through specific exercises, stretches and adjustments. Book in if you are concerned about neck or back pain that is not improving on its own.