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You Don't Need X-rays For Chiropractic Care, But...

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Sometimes they are a really big help. We can't always make a diagnosis just through orthopaedic tests and feel alone. We can narrow down the problem, but nothing is as good as medical imaging for correctly pointing us to the main CAUSE of the symptoms. At Mackay Chiro, we refer out to medical radiologists instead of taking the x-rays in house. We do this for 3 reasons: 1. They are much better at taking x-rays than chiropractors. It's the only thing they do all day long and they do it very well 2. We get some back up. With each x-ray we get a radiologist's report and that gives our chiros peace of mind that we aren't missing something. 3. It's cheaper for our patients. In fact, because it is bulk billed, there is no cost at all and that makes everyone happy. So, not everyone who comes to us needs an X ray and we will only send you for one if it is absolutely necessary.